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Category: Blog The CFPB's 2022 Fair Lending Annual Report to Congress
Category: Press release FFIEC Announces Availability of 2022 Data on Mortgage Lending
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: How are mortgages with a COVID-related forbearance performing in 2023?
Category: Press release CFPB Takes Action Against ACI Worldwide for Illegally Processing $2.3 Billion in Mortgage Payments that Homeowners Did Not Authorize
Category: Blog Protecting consumers’ right to challenge discrimination
Category: Blog Accepting applications for CFPB advisory committees
Category: Report Banking and Credit Access in the Southern Region of the U.S
Category: Press release CFPB Releases Reports on Banking Access and Consumer Finance in Southern States
Category: Blog Worker Surveillance Poses Potential Privacy Harms
Category: Press release CFPB Report Identifies Issues with Increased Servicemember Use of Digital Payment Apps
Category: Blog Protegiendo a propietarios de tasaciones discriminatorias de viviendas
Category: Blog The CFPB intends to identify ways to simplify and streamline the existing mortgage servicing rules
Category: Testimony Opening Statement of Director Rohit Chopra before the House Committee on Financial Services
Category: Testimony Opening Statement of Director Rohit Chopra before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Category: Blog Laying the foundation for open banking in the United States
Category: Press release Agencies Propose Interagency Guidance on Reconsiderations of Value for Residential Real Estate Valuations
Category: Report Semi-Annual Report of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Category: Press release CFPB Takes Action Against Phoenix Financial Services for Illegal Medical Debt Collection and Credit Reporting Practices
Category: Blog Extendemos la fecha tope para recibir comentarios sobre los corredores de datos
Category: Blog We are extending the deadline for comments about data brokers
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: Update on student loan borrowers during payment suspension
Category: Blog The CFPB has entered the chat
Category: Report Chatbots in consumer finance
Category: Press release CFPB Issue Spotlight Analyzes “Artificial Intelligence” Chatbots in Banking
Category: Blog New lessons for elder justice networks
Category: Press release CFPB Finds that Billions of Dollars Stored on Popular Payment Apps May Lack Federal Insurance
Category: Report Analysis of Deposit Insurance Coverage on Funds Stored Through Payment Apps
Category: Consumer advisories Consumer advisory: Your money is at greater risk when you hold it in a payment app, instead of moving it to an account with deposit insurance
Category: Blog Algorithms, artificial intelligence, and fairness in home appraisals
Category: Press release Agencies Request Comment on Quality Control Standards for Automated Valuation Models Proposed Rule
Category: Press release CFPB Orders Installment Lender OneMain to Pay $20 Million for Deceptive Sales Practices
Category: Report Medical Billing and Collections Among Older Americans
Category: Report Overdraft/NSF Revenue in Q4 2022 down nearly 50% versus pre-pandemic levels
Category: Blog Mortgage data shows that borrowers could save $100 a month (or more) by choosing cheaper lenders
Category: Report Trends in overdraft/non-sufficient fund (NSF) fee revenue and practices
Category: Press release CFPB Action to Require Citizens Bank to Pay $9 Million Penalty for Unlawful Credit Card Servicing
Category: Report Consumer experiences with overdraft programs
Category: Blog Building resilience and durability into mortgage rules
Category: Speech Statement of CFPB Director Rohit Chopra, Member, FDIC Board of Directors, on the Proposed Special Deposit Insurance Assessment on Large Banks
Category: Press release CFPB Issues Guidance to Rein in Creation of Fake Accounts to Harvest Fees
Category: Speech Prepared Remarks of General Counsel and Senior Advisor to the Director Seth Frotman at the Innovative Payments Conference
Category: Blog Have medical debt? Anything already paid or under $500 should no longer be on your credit report
Category: Blog CFPB to distribute more than $22 million to consumers harmed by Burlington Financial Group’s debt relief and credit repair scams
Category: Speech Prepared Remarks of CFPB Director Rohit Chopra at the 2023 American Economic Liberties Project Anti-Monopoly Summit
Category: Report Medical Credit Cards and Financing Plans
Category: Speech Prepared Remarks of Director Rohit Chopra at the American Association of Healthcare Administration Management
Category: Press release CFPB Report Highlights Costly Credit Cards and Loans Pushed on Patients
Category: Press release CFPB Proposes New Consumer Protections for Homeowners Seeking Clean Energy Financing
Category: Blog Adjustable-rate loans are changing, because a widely-used interest rate index expires in June
Category: Press release CFPB Issues Rule to Facilitate Orderly Wind Down of LIBOR
Category: Blog Credit reporting companies should do more to ensure that servicemembers receive the free credit monitoring services they are legally entitled to
Category: Press release CFPB Issues Guidance to Protect Homeowners from Illegal Collection Tactics on Zombie Mortgages
Category: Blog Zombie second mortgages: When collectors come for long forgotten home loans
Category: Press release CFPB Joins Other Financial Regulatory Agencies in Issuing Statement on Completing the LIBOR Transition
Category: Speech Prepared Remarks of Director Rohit Chopra on Zombie Mortgage Debt
Category: Blog Office of Research blog: Who gets sued in civil courts? Civil judgments are not evenly distributed
Category: Report Consumer Credit and the Removal of Medical Collections from Credit Reports
Category: Speech Director Chopra’s Prepared Remarks on the Interagency Enforcement Policy Statement on “Artificial Intelligence”
Category: Speech Prepared Remarks of Director Rohit Chopra at the April 2023 Financial Literacy and Education Commission
Category: Press release CFPB and Federal Partners Confirm Automated Systems and Advanced Technology Not an Excuse for Lawbreaking Behavior
Category: Director's statement Statement of CFPB Director Rohit Chopra on the Proposed Restoration of the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s Authority and Regulatory Credibility
Category: Testimony Written Testimony of James S. Rice, Assistant Director, Office of Servicemember Affairs, before the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
Category: Speech Director Chopra’s Prepared Remarks at Justice Department Interagency Event in Newark, New Jersey to Highlight Efforts to Combat Modern-Day Redlining
Category: Blog Mientras la deuda de tarjetas de crédito alcanza un nuevo pico, en la CFPB nos enfocamos en aumentar la competencia y reducir los costos
Category: Blog As outstanding credit card debt hits new high, the CFPB is focusing on ways to increase competition and reduce costs
Category: Blog Protecting people from discriminatory targeting
Category: Press release CFPB Announces Revised Methodology for Determining Average Prime Offer Rates
Category: Testimony Testimony of CFPB Senior Advisor Brian Shearer on Junk Fees Before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Consumer Protection, Technology, and Utilities Committee
Category: Report FY 2022 Office of Minority and Women Inclusion annual report to Congress
Category: Press release CFPB Sues James Carnes and Melissa Carnes for Hiding Money to Avoid Paying for Illegal Payday Lending Business
Category: Press release CFPB Issues Guidance to Address Abusive Conduct in Consumer Financial Markets
Category: Speech Director Rohit Chopra’s Prepared Remarks at the University of California Irvine Law School
Category: Blog CFPB to distribute more than $4.7 million to consumers impacted by nationwide student financial aid scam
Category: Blog Distribuimos más de $4.7 millones entre consumidores en toda la nación afectados por estafa con ayuda financiera estudiantil
Category: Report 2022 Consumer Response annual report
Category: Press release CFPB Finalizes Rule to Create a New Data Set on Small Business Lending in America
Category: Report Supplemental estimation methodology for institutional coverage and market-level cost estimates in the small business lending rulemaking
Category: Report User testing for sample data collection form for the small business lending final rule
Category: Speech Director Chopra’s Remarks at the NCRC Just Economy Conference
Category: Report No FEAR Act Annual Report for fiscal year 2022
Category: Speech Prepared Panel Remarks of CFPB Director Rohit Chopra, at the American Bar Association Spring Meeting
Category: Press release La CFPB Finaliza Normativa para Crear un Nuevo Conjunto de Datos para el Crédito a la Pequeña Empresa en el País
Category: Press release La CFPB Emite Determinación de que las Divulgaciones Exigidas en Leyes Estatales de Crédito a la Pequeña Empresa, son Consistentes con la Ley de Veracidad en Préstamos
Category: Press release CFPB Issues Determination that State Disclosure Laws on Business Lending are Consistent with the Truth in Lending Act
Category: Blog Share your experiences with data brokers
Category: Blog Hemos destinado $11 millones para los consumidores afectados por una operación ilegal de alivio de préstamos estudiantiles
Category: Press release CFPB le ordena a Portfolio Recovery Associates, un Delincuente Reincidente, que Pague más de $24 Millones por su continuo Uso de Prácticas Ilegales de Cobranzas y por Violaciones en el Reporte de Consumidores
Category: Blog CFPB has allocated $11 million for consumers harmed by illegal student loan debt relief operation
Category: Press release CFPB Orders Repeat Offender Portfolio Recovery Associates to Pay More Than $24 Million for Continued Illegal Debt Collection Practices and Consumer Reporting Violations
Category: Press release CFPB Mejora su Herramienta para Promover la Competencia y la Comparación de Productos en el Mercado de Tarjetas de Crédito
Category: Press release CFPB Enhances Tool to Promote Competition and Comparison Shopping in Credit Card Market
Category: Press release 2022 HMDA Data on Mortgage Lending Now Available
Category: Report Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) program status report for fiscal year (FY) 2022
Category: Press release CFPB Heightens Scrutiny of Unlawful Collection of Payments on Discharged Student Loans
Category: Press release La CFPB Intensifica su Escrutinio de la Cobranza Ilegal de Pagos sobre Préstamos Estudiantiles Descargados
Category: Report 2022年金融扫盲年度报告
Category: Press release CFPB Launches Inquiry Into the Business Practices of Data Brokers
Category: Press release La CFPB Lanza Averiguación sobre las Prácticas de Negocios de los Corredores de Datos
Category: Blog Bringing tech enforcers together to protect consumers
Category: Blog Protecting homeowners from discriminatory home appraisals